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Google Sniper Review

Hey Andrew here, you’re going to read my uncensored Google Sniper Review by an actual user and find out what I really reckon of Google Sniper. Note that this is a review of Google Sniper, if you are looking for the official site you can find it right HERE. I’m going to cover up both [...]

Last Free Google Sniper Video Training

When talking about sales you only need two things: traffic and how to convert those who visit’s your page into buyers. You will see how George obtained almost 22% conversion rate in Clickbank. So if he sends 4 people to his affiliate offer 1 will buy the product.

Second Free Google Sniper Video

In this video George will explain his secret SEO tactics and how this program is different from the normal SEO link building. He does not any link building for his sites and he based only on keyword efficiency on the page.

First Google Sniper Training Video

This videos will show you everything you need to know about Google Sniper. In this first video George will tell you his story, how he started and how he made over $115,000 in his first year alone.

Is George Brown really an internet marketing expert?

I know that before i buy a product I always what to know more about the creator to see if they really are experts in internet marketing. George Montagu Brown, known as George Brown is a 19 year old marketing expert originally from the UK. He started at 17 in January 2008 and he quickly [...]