Is George Brown really an internet marketing expert?

I know that before i buy a product I always what to know more about the creator to see if they really are experts in internet marketing.

George Montagu Brown, known as George Brown is a 19 year old marketing expert originally from the UK. He started at 17 in January 2008 and he quickly found success. He started with affiliate marketing and then he started creating products. Today he has a seven figure business training and teaching people how to become successful online.

Before starting online George was a furniture mover. He does not interact as much on the Warrior Forum and have a reputation for being an underground marketer.

For a 19 year old he is very smart. He’s been able to make several Sniper sites that make him over $15,000 per month on autopilot. Google Sniper can be consider a money making machine on autopilot. Now he works only from home and helps his students archive the same results. He only believe in two strategies: traffic and a high converting pre-sell page.

George is now sharing his tactics and teach us how to obtain free traffic, some SEO secrets, copy-writing skills and the whole Google Sniper system to make passive income online!

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